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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

We are a political Movement committed to the creation, protection and promotion of a constitutional multi party democracy, a transparent and accountable government, an environment conducive to economic growth, and economic empowerment and to the development of a culturally vibrant and tolerant society based on maximum participation and the respect of the will of the people.


 1.         To create a constitutional Multi-party democracy. Swaziland shall be governed by a written constitution whose system of governance shall be based on the universal principles of multi-party democracy.The country’s constitution shall be the supreme law of the land.  

2.         To create a government based on majority will. There shall be an elected and accountable government based on the will of the majority. All eligible citizens shall have the right to vote or stand for elections as candidates without regard to race, colour, sex, religion or social status.The people shall through their representative organs influence and enjoy effective participation in the running of the country. 

3.         To promote economic growth, development and the empowerment of citizens

 The country’s production relations shall be based on the principles of a mixed market economy. There shall be a healthy environment for economic growth and development.Effective interventions shall be implemented to promote the economic empowerment of the people and uproot the evils of poverty and backwardness.The national wealth and natural resources shall be utilised for the benefit of all the people.

4.         To promote and protect access to land and security of tenure. Land, as an important asset for development shall be used for the benefit of all. It shall fall under the direct administration of the central government.Access to available land and security of tenure shall be promoted and protected to avoid landless and squatting.There shall be no arbitrary removal of people from the land. 

5.         To promote job creation and high levels of employment Effective measures shall be implemented to promote job creation and high levels of employment.Government shall at all times promote the development and maintenance of sound and equitable tripartite relations between the state, labour and capital.Men and women shall receive equal pay for equal work of equal value.There shall be an end to the use of child labour.All workers shall enjoy the freedom of association, expression and bargaining.A Workers’ development fund shall be established to promote the economic empowerment of workers and provide for their social security needs.

6.         To protect the right to education and promote the sustenance of high levels of relevant education. As a basic human right education shall be compulsory and universal.For all children in public schools primary education shall be free and / or subsidised.Education shall mean, amongst other things, teaching the young to love and respect their people, their culture, environment, liberty and international peace.Adult education shall promote through a countrywide scheme.

7.         To promote the right to life. Every person shall have the right to life. 

8.         To promote good public health and improve the quality of life for all. To promote the ideals of a healthy and productive nation, primary health care shall be free or subsidised by the state.Every person shall have access to affordable tertiary health care at public hospitals and health centres.The right to shelter shall be respected and housing needs for all shall be given top priority.Effective measures will be taken to cater for the disadvantaged, the youth, aged, orphaned and disabled with regard to social and economic up-liftment, welfare benefits, housing and security.  

9.         To promote and develop the rich heritage of Swazi culture. Cultural institutions shall be open to all and there shall be a free exchange of literature and ideas.Swazi law and custom shall be codified and published for the general information of the public.Customs and practices that are contrary to basic human rights shall be prohibited  

10.         To promote the observance and protection of basic Human Rights. All Human Rights as enshrined in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the All Africa Charter on Human and People Rights and other international conventions shall be respected and protected by law.There shall be equality between men and women in all respects of social, economic and political life.The right to worship, organise and assemble shall be protected by law.There shall be an end to detention and deportation without trial in a court of law.The law, police and army shall serve and protect the people. They shall cease to be used as instruments of repression.Prisons shall not be used as institutions of revenge but for re-education and rehabilitation. 

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